Education, leadership, and service are at the core of the Catholic, Marianist institution, and Chaminade aims to further holistic development for all students. Undergraduate leadership experiences will equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for personal and professional development. Leadership positions positively impact the Chaminade University community through contribution and positive role modeling.


Leadership Trainings
Leaders of recognized student groups have an opportunity to attend training sessions and workshops that develop leadership skills. Leadership is a process, not a position, and we are determined to prepare students with the skills necessary for success. Trainings and workshops take place throughout the academic year.

House of Representative Workshops
Many workshops are available for registered student organizations to receive up-to-date information on how to register your organization/club, budget accounts, event planning, fundraising opportunities, etc. Some workshops are mandatory and require participation by at least one member of each organization. Workshop involvement builds organizational management skills, promotes understanding of university mission and policies, and assists clubs with accomplishing their semester goals. Check with OSAL and Student Government (CSGA) for dates and times.

Past training topics have included:

  • Team Building
  • Self and team assessment
  • Diversity training:
  • Organizational management
    • Running effective meetings
    • The art of delegation
    • Group communication
    • Creating productivity
    • Challenging your group
    • Building team morale
  • Knowledge of University Goals and the role that student groups play in achieving them
  • The Marianist characteristics and your student groups

Our training goals are to foster team building, self-understanding of leadership style/skills, awareness/practice with organizational management (e.g., running effective meetings, delegation, communication, etc.), knowledge of university goals/direction for the current semester, diversity training, and time for each organization to meet and plan for the current semester. For more information, contact OSAL at (808) 739-8556.

Annual Co-Curricular Awards Night
Each spring, Chaminade recognizes exceptional student leadership and involvement. Award recipients are nominated by campus departments for making positive, significant contributions to campus life and the community.

OSAL Student Coordinators
Office Assistants help with designing, planning, implementing, and assessing co-curricular and extra-curricular programs at Chaminade University. Working with OSAL staff, the assistants provide support to new and on-going programs. To get an application or learn more about the positions, contact staff in the Office of Student Activities and Leadership.

Primary duties and responsibilities may include:

  • Serving as a lead coordinator for campus community events/projects/programs
  • Creation of new co-curricular and extra-curricular programs, based on student interests, as needed
  • Assist in the design and marketing of OSAL services, resources, programs, and activities to encourage participation
  • Serve as a liaison for OSAL to selected campus groups including, but not limited to Campus Ministry, Student Support Services, Academic Achievement Program (AAP), Career Services, Residence Life, RHA, CSPB, clubs and organizations
  • Participate in training and staff development with other members of OSAL
  • Other duties as assigned

Vi and Paul Loo Student Center Program Coordinators
Student assistants provide support in the Vi and Paul Loo Student Center and to OSAL staff members with co-curricular and extra-curricular programs at Chaminade University. To get an application or learn more about the positions, contact OSAL.

Primary duties and responsibilities may include:

  • Serve as an event assistant and/or equipment room manager
  • Assist with co-curricular and extra-curricular programs, including but not limited to recreational and intramural sports program, special projects/events, etc.
  • Provide office support, including but not limited to filing, typing, data entry, customer service, answer phones, making flyers for events, keep track of inventory, provide information to people, clean office weekly, and other tasks as assigned by supervisor
  • Participate in training and staff meetings with other members of OSAL
  • Other duties as assigned

Leadership Library
The OSAL office houses a collection of books on leadership and current affairs. All of the books are available for students, staff, and faculty to check out. Please visit the OSAL office for a complete listing of book titles.