Health & Wellness

The Office of Student Activities & Leadership (OSAL) coordinates various health and wellness programs to encourage Chaminade students, faculty and staff to live a healthy lifestyle. The Health & Wellness section provides updates on upcoming activities and OSAL programs, Chaminade Pledge in the Blue Zones Project, and Recreational Activities available for the Chaminade Community.


OSAL Events Calendar

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Blue Zones Project

Chaminade has taken the pledge to create a Blue Zones Wellness Committee that include students, faculty and staff. Planned events are centered on wellness and focuses on all spheres of our lives. The Blue Zones and OSAL collaboration continually strive to make our community happier and healthier in the areas that where we work, live and play.

Blue Zones Project


Intramural Sports

All intramural sports and recreational activities are open to Chaminade students, faculty and staff. All skill levels are welcome. Past sporting activities have included volleyball, basketball, street soccer, and flag football.

Please Note: Many OSAL Intramural Sports take place on the court located above Upper Campus Parking. Depending on gym availability Intramural Championship Games will be held in McCabe Gym. Other campus areas used for OSAL activities are Henry Hall Courtyard, Library Lawn and Lawn between Clarence T.C. Ching Hall and Henry Hall.

Please be advised that priority for use is given to OSAL during these times. Please contact OSAL for any questions or concerns.

Recreational Activities

Indoor recreational activities have included table tennis, pool tournaments, self-defense and circuit training. And outdoor recreational activities have included surfing, hiking, yoga, and zumba. In addition, we’ve conducted workshops for improved sleeping and stress management. These various programs are geared to promote healthy lifestyles through physical fitness, social engagement, skill development and competition.


Intramural Sports Champions

Fall 2017
Volleyball- Team Sets On The Beach
Fall 2017
3-on-3 Basketball- Team Faculty & Staff

Sign up in OSAL (CHING 106) to participate in the Spring 2018 Intramural Sports and Recreational Activities!






6-on-6 Volleyball (Every Monday @ 6PM)
Jan. 17- Jan. 26
Jan. 29
Feb. 5
Feb. 12
Feb. 19
Feb. 26


Court above Upper Campus
5-on-5 Basketball (Every Monday @ 6 PM)
Feb. 7- Mar. 2
Mar. 5
Mar. 12
Mar. 19
Apr. 2
Apr. 9
Court above Upper Campus






Free Yoga
Feb. 12- Feb.28
Thur., Mar. 1
Hiking at Kuliouou Ridge Trail & Lunch Provided
Feb. 8- Feb. 17
 Sat., Feb. 18
Check in at OSAL.
Vans will pick up in front of Ching @ 11AM
Surfing at Waikiki & Lunch Provided
($5 Deposit is required to secure a spot and surfboard)
Jan. 17- Feb. 2
Sat, Feb. 10
Check in at OSAL.
Vans will pick up in front of Ching @ 7:30AM – 1:00PM
 Chaminade’s 1st Kickball Tournament for Charity (Next Step Shelter)
$10.00/ Player
Max of 10 players a team
Feb. 12- Mar. 12
Register Teams in
OSAL Ching 106
Sat. Mar. 24