Chaminade Student Government Association

The Chaminade Student Government Association (CSGA) serves the student community in multiple ways. CSGA is the voice of Chaminade University students and it operates in the best interest of the general student body.

CSGA is responsible for expanding and coordinating student activities. CSGA aims to develop interest and support for educational, social, cultural, and recreational programs, and it stimulates communication within the Chaminade community. You can keep up with all the CSGA news and events by visiting Presence or the University Events Calendar.

  • CSGA Constitution

CSGA consists of the Executive Board and the Legislature, which includes two chambers; the elected Student Senate and the House of Representatives from active clubs on campus. CSGA also includes two main functional boards, the Programming Board and Allocations Board. Current Members of the CSGA Administration are listed below:

CSGA Executive Board 2018-2019

President: Antonio Bonnetty
Executive Vice President: Claire Riggan
Vice President of Finance: Symone Perez
Vice President of Programming: Marvin Trantham
Vice President of Internal Affairs: Mica Mariano
Vice President of Marketing: Adam Perez
Chair of House of Representatives: Kawena Phillips

CSGA Senate 2018-2019

Senate members are selected at the beginning of each academic year.

Senator Chair: Claire Riggan
Senator at Large: TBD
Commuter Senator: TBD
Senior Class Senator(s): TBD
Junior Class Senator(s): TBD
Sophomore Senator(s): TBD
Freshman Senator(s): TBD
RHA Senator: TBD
On-Campus Residential Senator: TBD
Off-Campus Residential Senator: TBD

Chaminade Student Allocations Board (CSAB)

CSAB members will be selected by the CSGA Vice President of Finance at the beginning of each semester.

Allocations Board Chair: Symone Perez
Members: TBD

Chaminade Student Programming Board (CSPB)

CSPB members will be selected by the CSGA Vice President of Programming at the beginning of each semester.

Programming Board Chair:  Marvin Trantham
Members: TBD


CSGA Executive Board:  Mitch Steffey, Director of the Office of Student Activities and Leadership
Programming Board Advisor(s): Pisila Tukia, Activities Coordinator – Office of Student Activities and Leadership and Brother Allen Pacquing, Director of Campus Ministry.
Senate: Maimoa Fineisaloi, Minister for Peace and Justice

CSGA Elections

Each Spring, Chaminade University Undergraduate Students take part in the process of democratically electing the new CSGA Executive Board. As both candidates and voters, students learn how their participation in elections is critical to the success of the University. This process is a microcosm of the larger Representative Democracy of the US, and seeks to empower students to participate in the electoral process by encouraging them to support candidates with whom they share core values and beliefs, or campaigning to, themselves, become an agent of change at the University.

Students interested in becoming a candidate for office should look for more information in the Spring Semester.

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Chaminade Student Government Association
Phone: (808) 739-8378
Office: Ching Hall, next to Vi & Paul Loo Student Center